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Technical Support


Safe , precise, easy to use and energy-saving, Kosman series injection molding machines, are specially for industrial precision injection molding machine.


KSM series injection molding machines attach great importance to the safety performance and the maintenance of convenience of the machines when they are used by users, so as to ensure that every detail can prevent the occurrence of possible accidental injury accidents.

● Perfect safety and protection performance of operating space

● Reliable mechanical locking mould safety protection to prevent external clamping

● Multiple electrical safety protection devices and multiple insurance to prevent electrical failure outside injury

● Multiple hydraulic safety protection device, effectively prevent the damage caused by the opening of the lock mold or tank explosion

● Injection to prevent splash safety protection, protect operators, prevent high - temperature plastic sputtering injury

● Reliable electrical insulation protection and leakage protection

● Accurate low pressure die protection function, to prevent accidental mold collision damage and to reduce losses outside the mold

● Precision die opening stop position repeatable precision, easy to install the visual die off monitor system, so that automatic injection precision industrial electronic parts become possible


In order to stabilize precision injection molding, we have made more special designs to ensure that the users can get the precision plastic parts they need repeatedly

● Beveling five - point double - bend bracket structure, template by computer parameters optimization design

● Mechanical, hydraulic and electrical triple safety interlock protection

● Ultra-sensitive low pressure die protection device

● A variety of hydraulic models

● Pressure, speed and position control of multi-section open and close die

● Hydraulic motor drives gear molds

● The special process of the pull rod is reliable in strength

● Automatic centralized lubrication system

● Open and close die, push out position ruler control

● Automatic mould adjustment function

● Manipulator mechanical installation location interface

● Core pulling device, suitable for complex die structure

Easy to use

With ordinary civil injection molding machine controller speed in general is not higher than 32 m, precision injection molding machine control response is more demanding, its controller speed above 400 m, powerful function, large screen color display, friendly interface and easy operation, any user can easily control.

● Special plastic machine control computer, control and reality are relatively independent, good reliability

● Process parameter preset and storage function

● Parameter data protection function

● Automatic adjustment of temperature deviation of feed drum

● Abnormal alarm function

● Front and back door emergency stop button

● Real-time monitoring shows the operation of each action

● Motor safety protection device

● Manipulator interface

● Blanking photoelectric switch

● System hardware I/Q detection function

● The temperature of feed tube is controlled accurately by computer setting and PID closed loop

● Screen protection function to extend the screen life

● Fully enclosed electrical control box, electrical components neatly arranged, non - interference


Servo energy saving injection molding machine, the output power changes with the load. And there is no excess energy waste. The cooling extreme motor is not working and the power consumption is 0. Compared with traditional injection molding machine, servo energy-saving injection molding machine can save 20% to 80%, which can bring you real power saving and remarkable economic benefits.

● A sharp energy-saving

● Under the same conditions, compared with the traditional quantitative pump injection molding machine 20%-80% energy saving.

● Ending tube has excellent forming stability

● The pressure and flow of the servo drive system are controlled by a closed loop. Compared with the traditional injection machine, the repetitive precision of the molding machine is obviously improved.

● The terminal response speed is fast

● The servo drive response is fast and the quick start time is 50% higher than the traditional injection

● Cycling super performance and environmental protection

● Running at low noise and it is more quiet at low speed

● Centrifugal oil temperature constant

● The hydraulic oil output by the servo motor in proportion to avoid excess heat generation, and the hydraulic oil even needs no cooling to achieve substantial water saving.

Customer is foremost, integrity comes first. Our professional team can offer worriless full range service and customer-oriented service according to customres indiv-idual requirements.

Before Service Purpose

Considering reasonable, standard and saving cost scheme for customers, we offer comprehensive service and technical support to help them choose correct machine.

After-Sales Service

Technical suppot and prodqctiorn malntapce offer subsequent training and technical consultation, can even send serice engineer to solce the problem at the customer' s factory. After upgrading our product, we will give priority to update the sold machines according to customer' s requirement.

Sales Service

We will provide customer instructions on water and electricity connection of the machine, offer new machine sdivstment and maslbwion, technial training and maching operation Training