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How to reduce the wear of the injection molding machine screw?

Injection molding machine screw for a long time in the high temperature, high pressure, high mechanical torque and friction working environment, some factors are necessary process conditions, friction loss is inevitable. Universal screw surface nitriding treatment to improve the surface hardness and improve wear resistance. But if you ignore the cause of the loss, do not wear as much as possible, it will inevitably greatly reduce the life of the screw.

The following will focus on the causes of screw wear and methods of reducing wear:

Each type of plastic is an ideal plasticization processing temperature range, and the cylinder processing temperature should be controlled to approach the temperature range. Granular plastic from the hopper into the cylinder, will first reach the feeding section, the inevitable dry friction of the charging time, when the plastic is heated, the melting is not equal, it is easy to cause the cylinder and the screw's inner wall surface to wear. Similarly, in the case of compression and homogenization, if the non-uniformity of the molten state of the plastics obstructs the rate of increase of loss, it should be properly calibrated. As a plastic reinforcement, such as glass fiber, minerals, or other filler materials. Metal-friction materials are often much larger than molten plastics. When these plastics are injected, if they are high-speed, the increase in plastic shearing force will also reinforce the resulting more tearing of the fibers. The tearing fibers contain sharpness and the wear strength is greatly increased. Inorganic minerals slide at high speed on the surface of the metal, and the scraping effect is not very small. So the speed should not be too high.

Want to check plastic groceries. In general, the initial purchase of fresh plastic has no food, but in transportation, weighing, drying, mixing colors, adding recycled materials, in particular, it is possible to mix in the sundries. At the end of the scrap metal, such as a fever round nut paper clips, or even a chain of warehouse keys, entering the cylinder occurs, the damage screw is self-explanatory (cylinders, of course, will also be damaged), so you must install magnets, strict management and monitoring.

Plastic moisture content, surface wear screw has a certain influence. If plastic does not exclude all the water before injection molding, the remaining moisture enters the screw compression section where it forms a "steam" in the melted plastic material mixed with high temperature and high pressure, along with the development process of the injection screw material, from the head of the homogenized part of the screw, These particles "steam" unloaded material during the shooting process, because of each micro-hard particles impurities, friction on the wall.

In addition, for certain types of plastics, at high temperatures and pressures, water may cause the plastics to crack the catalyst and produce harmful impurities that attack the surface of the metal. Drying work before injection molding, therefore, not only directly related to the quality of the product, but also affect the life of the screw.