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Business Philosophy


Culture is the value Shared by enterprises and employees! TongCheng from top to each employee at the grassroots level in action, speech, manners and style to maintain, transfer and show "returns, development, responsibility" as the core of TongCheng culture for the enterprise and provide mental fuel their own growth!

As culture is a condensation in essence so it can be thought of as man’s wise elegant demeanour, which is to be available as management idea, will, behavior standard of the whole and the embodiment of the team style.

Culture is knowledge, technology, management, sentiment, philosophy... It contains all the intangible and spiritual forces that promote social development. But Kosmen culture is the deep resource of the development of Kosmen and it is the foundation stone of Kosmen.

We must transcend ourselves and challenge the future. "Dedication, innovation and team spirit" is the key to our success and the essence of culture.

Business operation philosophy

Enterprise objectives:Build the company into a modern enterprise of the new erea.

Enterprise spirit:Seeking truth from facts, unity and cooperation, pioneering and innovation, striving for excellence.

Corporate ethics:Patriotic and law-abiding, honest and trustworthy, obeys the discipline, provide good services, the civilized courtesy, the harmonious society.